T-SQL Tuesday #89 “The Times They Are A Changing”


T-SQL Tuesday #89


This month’s topic really strikes home with me!  I was a DBA in my Technical Support Department for a few years, and before that I supported SQL in a small fashion, but nothing like I do today(some Select *, some maintenance advice).  When my company decided it wanted to create a POC(Proof Of Concept) in the cloud, I at first was a little hesitant.  I was on the front lines with our current customers and saw our daily challenges in getting them to accept a recommendation for them to apply the latest SP for SQL 2005!  Now we are talking about taking them to the cloud!?  Wow!  What were we thinking!?


After about a year, I began getting more and more interested in the cloud.  I started reading up a bit on it, that is what us curious nerds do, right!?  I was becoming more and more excited to work with such things as DBaaS.  I wouldn’t have to worry about to worry about trivial tasks(Backups/service packs)!?  Shutup and take my money!!!  Shortly after reading some of this, a position opened up in the company for a “Cloud Database Administrator”.  I applied wihtout hesitating.  I knew that the future of the company was going to be related to the cloud and I wanted in on the ground floor to help drive success and be looked at as one of the pioneers in our industry.  The manager of the department, we have known each other for YEARS at this point, saw that I applied and was equally as excited.  The interview consisted of me walking into the room with him, sitting down, and him saying “I want you on my team!”.  There was no negotiation on salary, I said,  “You got me.”


Fast forward a year and here we are today.  We now have ACTIVE customers in our PaaS/IaaS/SaaS offerings.  We have made it work! Alot of time, sweat, hair pulling, desk slamming, long walks in downtown Pittsburgh, few keyboards broke, and some time away from the family, but we made it!  Seeing our clients use the software, and watching the excitement of our fellow co-workers when we show them the infrastructure is one of the daily things I get to experience and it brings me joy!  I have always *tried* to stay on top of technology changes(my video game consoles speak to this), but in the technological age we are in, it is a daunting task.  I feel as if you have to make that effort however, otherwise you risk falling too far behind and being looked at like the dinosaur in the museum.  Yeah, it looks cool but…can it do anything besides sit there and be stared at?


In summary, I do not think the cloud is going to “Eat my job”.  I think it is going to make it that much more fulfilling to say that I can work on-premises AND with the cloud!  If anything, I think that the cloud is going to open that many more opportunities to DBA’s, more so than close the doors or eat the jobs.


Thank you for reading, have a great day!



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