Azure Week!

So, I went to the #GlobalAzureBootcamp in Pittsburgh on 4/22.  This was a fantastic event and the first I have ever attended.  A good majority of it was based more towards development, but I still understood majority of it.  I thought it was funny that when they asked how many DBA’s were in the room, I was the only one to raise their hand.  At first I felt like this:


But then, I realized, this was the kind of situation that I LOVE to be in!  When they began talking about the DBaaS information, I was constantly being looked to and asked to explain some of the things that were being discussed.  One such question was: What kind of maintenance still falls on our DBA’s?  Then I felt like this:



So I began an impromptu session on SQL in Azure.  I made tons of new contacts, some of which asked for a copy of my resume!  This made me begin rethinking some Azure Certifications.  I recalled a discussion I had with the always wonderful, Jes Borland(T/B).  She suggested that I probably knew enough already for one of the tests and to just go for it. So this morning, I registered for the 765 exam(Test).  It will be in a few months due to other commitments I have going on, but I now have a date that I need to be prepared by.


We also have Denny Cherry and Associates(DCAC Website) coming into my office this week for some Azure Infrastructure review and some training which I am so very much looking forward to.  I am trying to learn all that I can about ARM templating to make mine, and my teams jobs much easier!  We have some very large projects in our pipeline that ARM templating training will pay for itself within 6 months.  I just hope I know enough to not feel like I am drowning when they are here!


So this week is all about Azure!  My head is in the Cloud, I am helping my company progress forward in our Azure offerings, and I could not be more excited.


P.S Andy Mallon(T/W) is owed many alcoholic drinks and dinners for all the help and support he has given me the past month or so!  I don’t think I would of gotten my runbook working correctly if he hadn’t been available for some quick guidance and advice!  Thanks a million Andy!


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