TSQL Tuesday #96 – Difference Makers!


This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is about recognizing the people whom have inspired you or have made a meaningful contribution to your life.  Reading alot of the post’s today made me realize once again how AWESOME #SQLFamily is! Thank you to Eweld Cress(b/t) for hosting this month: T-SQL #96.

There are several folks that I will recognize here, and these folks have helped not only professionally, but personally as well.  Many of my roughest days encountered over the past 4 years I have been able to turn to any of these individuals and received a kind word, technical assistance, or just a friend to talk to.  I try to make sure they know how much they mean to me, but it’s never enough I don’t think so, I will add this to the “repayment” pile(so to speak).  So I will list them below, in order of appearance throughout my experience with #SQLFamily.

First, Mr. Bill Wolf aka @SQLWareWolf.  Bill was the first presenter I ever saw at a SQLSaturday.  I remember going to his session and thinking “This guy got alot of tattoo’s, seems like a good place for me to be!”.  He was speaking on code tuning, a subject that I am still a novice in to this day!  He integrated Metallica into the session and I loved it!  Using those kinds of methods helped me remember majority of his session and begin applying the things to my everyday work.  Fast forward a few years, and he and I now work together at RDX!  Not only that, but we carpool together as well.  When I first began speaking, Bill invited me to his home to help me get a framework of an abstract then helped me piece together my presentation.  Thank you Bill!

Second, Jes Borland aka @grrl_geek.  I remember the first time I saw a presentation by Jes.  It was a webinar for one of the PASS Virtual Chapters back in the day, I don’t recall the session.  It was probably on Profiler or something(Hides behind #TeamProfiler).  I then met her for the first time at my first PASS Summit.  I was taking the escalator up to the floor where registration was, I was super nervous because I did not really know anybody!  Who do I see greeting everybody at the top of the escalator?  Jes was there saying hello to everybody.  At first, I was super nervous to walk up and say hello, but I remember her saying in a presentation “Walk up and introduce yourself, I won’t bite!” or something to that effect.  I walked up and introduced myself and told her how much her presentations and blog posts have helped me progress.  We then grabbed some coffee on the vendor floor later in the week, and did not really speak much in person.  Fast forward to SQLSaturday Louisville this past year and we ended up getting dinner with a few other folks you may all know: Andy Mallon and Grant Fritchey. Me and Jes talk about Azure topics alot and both enjoy Legend of Zelda video games!  Thank you Jes!

Third, Monica Rathbun aka @SQLEspresso.  Wow, what can I say about Monica?  This woman has helped me in SOOO many ways in the SQL field, and personally.  I remember passing by Monica at PASS Summit and saying hello, but we really did not get a chance to connect.  Fast forward to when I wrote my first blog, which was not even a professional blog, but a personal one.  I made a post on Twitter asking if anybody would assist me with reading it over and checking it for grammar and such.  Not only did she read it, she tweeted out a personal message “@SQLFlipFlopsDBA earned my respect today”.  Ever since then, I reach out to Monica when I have a new blog post to go up and see if she is able to review, and she has yet to tell me no. I presented at her local User Group which she helped me prepare for and even worked on my slides!  Even today, if I am having a hard day personally, one of the first people I know I can rely on to help me out is Monica.  Thank you Monica!

Fourth, Andy Mallon aka @AMTwo.  Andy has been so much fun getting to know and conversing with over the past few years.  Andy is one of the few folks that I am truly a better person after knowing him.  Our conversations usually start with a purpose, but normally end with us discussing everyday life things.  No matter the type of day I am having, I can always count on talking with Andy and smiling afterwards.  He helped me professionally when I was debating on leaving my previous job to come to RDX.  He is another person that I can always count on to make my day better if it is going bad. Thank you Andy!

Last, but certainly not the least, my favorite #SQLCouple: Angela and Lance Tidwell aka @AngelaTidwell and @Lance_LT.  Since the first time I met you both, we are ALWAYS inseparable at events!  You two have given me SO much joy in the past 2 years just by us simply talking!  This past year, at SQLSaturday Phoenix, we all got in a day early and you picked me up at the airport!  I loved that!  It was such a nice gesture and I still smile when I think of that weekend.  We had such a great time.  We went to the Zoo and watched the giraffe try to extend it’s tongue to OHMYGOD lengths, we ate those Trix/Fruity Pebble treats from Cheeba Hut.  Every time we are all together, I know many a great memories will be made.  Thank you Angela amd Lance!

In summary, #SQLFamily has treated me very well since I got involved.  There are many, MANY, MANY more of you that have helped me along these past years, and from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ALL!!

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